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Cute Handmade Flowers to Add to Your Creations

In between making masks, I have now learnt I need to take a break so I came across these little flower templates from @lovesewonline · News & Media Website a few weeks back and thought I would try one of them out over the weekend - this is the end result 💜
I found the instructions (a little small for those like me that wear glasses - problem solved, downloaded a magnifying app) were easy to follow and I made this little flower up quite quickly and easily.
I'm looking forward to another break between sewing to try out the other 4 little templates 😊
*** Please note that Lil-aiges Creations (or myself) are in no way affiliated with LoveSew - I just wanted to share a little product that some of my fellow sewing followers might find interesting ***
Cute Handmade Flowers to Add to Your Creations

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