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Refund Policy

Lil-aiges Creations manages returns and processes refunds in accordance with the Australian Consumer Protection legislation.

Should you wish to return your order, please:

Notify us within 14 days of purchase with a valid reason for return: simply changing your mind is not a valid reason nor is accepting a proof as being correct, approving the proof for Lil-aiges Creations to undertake the work and then realising that there was a spelling mistake once the work approved has been completed.

We will offer to repair, replacement or refund if an item has a major problem. If we are unable to resolve your complaint or further assist you, we will process a refund upon timely receipt of the goods purchased.

It is expected that the purchased product be returned to the seller within 10 days of notifying us.

Refunds will be processed promptly and payment made by the same method that you made payment. A Lil-aiges Creations store credit may also be an option. All refunds are made at the discretion of Lil-aiges Creations.

If the product does not have a major problem we will offer to repair it within a reasonable time. If it is not repaired within a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement.

Lil-aiges Creations will reimburse reasonable postage or transportation costs if the product is confirmed to have a problem providing the client has kept proof of purchase for postage or transportation.

In accordance with the Australian Consumer Protection legislation, all clients are encouraged to keep all receipts pertaining to the purchase of items from Lil-aiges Creations.